• Certified as Kofu Brand
  • Selected in '100 Kingdom of Cuisine 2020'
  • Awarded as “Challenger”of Sannichi-YBS Agriculture Award

Our Farm

“Kitsune Farm” is a saffron field in Kofu city, Yamanashi prefecture where is one of towns with rich nature in Japan.

I had started manufacturing business from the beginning and then have turned to farming as a new business . From the point of view of improvement mind on management fostered in manufacturing, a fresh managing method for cultivation in agriculture has been developed, by ourselves, in aiming “creating an industry being helpful for the region, nature, environment and people in the area”

I have been working on cultivation in a bright and cheerful manner as like as an image of yellow color of saffron under atmosphere to feel nature close to us as foxes and raccoon dogs came up at bank nearby and deers came down to river side of Shosenkyo valley .

The name of the farm is coming from a fox, symbol of Inari shrine, as a messenger of God for harvest and farming, located on the front of the field and being familiar to the community since long time ago, in hoping that it is local oriented and to be loved by people in the region.

We has been maintaining Category I quality of “ISO3632-2”, international standard on saffron, upon annual quality inspection of it after its harvest.

We place priority on transmission of information in order to make familiarize to Japanese make saffron for the people in domestic &/or foreign market as well as cultivation of high quality saffron.

Effort to develop new application (such as herb medicine)besides spice in cusine has been proceeding.

History, social circle, circulation in nature. I wish to give back its result as a form of new local speciallity from out of agriculture as dream like as in putting an importance upon such a linkage among them.


Minegishi Shokai Ltd., a management body of Kitsune Farm, was founded by my father, 50 years anniversary in 2017, is a material handling firm of special steel.
“What reason is doing agriculture business by a special steel firm?”is often questioned. It startd a few years ago due to double triggers.
First, seeking any feeding back way of various results studied thru manufacturing to nature rich Yamanashi local, as new challenge before our 50 years anniversary.
And secondly, I acknowledge medical efficacy of saffron against brain disease, skin disease, heart disease, etc., when I have seriously thought about the domain of food and medical treatment after my father’s falling sick.
I have ordered saffron bulb to start with agriculture business by trial and error.
It’s a matter of course that I have checked the related literature. I had requested their cooperation to the agriculture administration of Yamanashi prefecture government, asked their advise of JA and the agriculture production association of Takeda city, Ohita prefecture, and visited to Nagasaki International University to listen to conversation with Mr.Masahiro Shohyama, Prof.of the faculty of pharmacy, an authority of study of saffron. Then, I could took off its mass production thank to their advises and helps.
As there is a plan to be a world leading production base in 10 years time, I wish to effectively secure enough employment thru improvement and ingenuity ways accumulated so far as a creation of new industry as “let all of people being happy”suitable to Yamanashi prefecture.
Production volume was secured by unique way of Yamanashi.We are going forward to supply safe, secure, and high quality saffron in setting up the international quality standard of Category I of ISO3632-2(see Table and Figure below) to clear through every year as a cooperate target.
Transmission of information related will be aggressively done to feel saffron closer to you as development of recipe and exhibiting at events as new product show. As it was certified by Kofu city as a Kofu brand as “Certificate of Kofu”, it is believed that Saffron made in Kofu city, Yamanashi prefecture is prevailed to more people’s recognition in near future.
I am considering to cordially face to severeness and pleasure in producing something from 0.01g of saffron to 10t of steel regardless weigh of unit.

Owner of Kitsune Farm, Ichiro Minegishi


Dried saffron

Inspected on ISO3632 certificate

Dried saffron

Rare Japanese make saffron

Fascinating purple colored pistil of saffron flower nipped off and dried. Integrated production from planting, harvesting, and drying.
International standard ISO obtained and rated to Category I.

Table:ISO3632 standard certificated.
CategoryⅠ CategoryⅡ CategoryⅢ Remarks
Crocin 190~ 150~ 100~ Tinting strength
Zafranero 20~50 Fragrance
Hycrocrocin 70~ 55~ 40~ Flavor
Loss on drying(%) <12 moisture and volatile components in percentage weight
Total ash loss(%) <8 Dry matter in percentage weight
Photo:Component analysis of our dried saffron at Kanagawa Prefecture Industrial Technology Center.
Photo:Component analysis of our dried saffron at Kanagawa Prefecture Industrial Technology Center.

Also pursuing sixth sector industry:development and sales of processed products using dried saffron after harvesting.

Saffron candy

Saffron candy

Tea roasted with saffron (left) and Brown rice tea with saffron (right)

Tea roasted with saffron (left) and Brown rice tea with saffron (right)

Saffron rusk (left) and Assortment set fully enjoyed with saffron (right)

Tea roasted with saffron (left) and Brown rice tea with saffron (right)

The another task

The followings are our typical work among a variety of different job.

  • Working on “cooperation between agriculture and welfare”.
    *Agriculture/Welfare cooperation is to realize social participation of handicapped people with confident purpose in life through their activity in agriculture.Working on Agriculture/Welfare cooperation is not only for generating employment and confidence of handicapped people but for finding possibility to secure new workers in agriculture field in which is facing to lack of workforce and aging problem of the workers.
  • Development of picking machine of saffron flower’s pistil
  • Selected in “100 Kingdom of Cuisine 2020”
  • Awarded as “Challenger”of Sannichi-YBS Agriculture Award.
  • Certified as Kofu Brand
  • Exhibited at Foodex 2018


■ Corporate Name Three Peaks Ltd.
■ Founded in June 1, 2017
■ Corporate Representative Ichiro Minegishi
■ Capital ¥1,000,000
■ Office address 74 Masutsubo cho, Kofu city, Yamanashi prefecture, Japan 400-0832
Phone 055-214-3151
Fax 055-241-8530
E-mail contact@kitsune-farm.com
■ Subsidiaries Minegishi Shokai Ltd.


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